The dangers of digital distribution continue to rise their heads and make themselves more and more apparent. No longer will you have to drive a car to buy your games. No longer will you even have to get out of your chair. Purchasing a game will be as easy as clicking a button.

And now companies are putting their games on sale like it's going out of style. It's been two days since the Steam Summer Sale wrapped up destroying wallets all over the world, and the Indie Royale crew doesn't even have the decency to let us recover before throwing another unbelievable deal on the internet.

For the minimum price of $5.99, six indie games are just two or three mouse clicks away for the taking. Chances are you probably already own one or two of them from another sale somewhere in the past, but not ALL of them.

Highlights include Danilo_Dias' Oniken, a modern day spin on the 8-bit side-scrolling action games from the 1980s, and franfistro's Unepic, another 2D action game with an RPG Dungeons and Dragon's twist. Also included are Telltale's original graphic adventure Puzzle Agent, all five games in the isometric RPG Geneforge series, a twin-stick shooter called Mutant Storm Reloaded, and Swift☆Stitch, a high speed racing game where you must avoid crashing.

Bonuses including Oniken's rockin' 8-bit soundtrack, indie game Rose and Tim, and 100 Unepic Credit's for in-game extras. Spending $8 on the package will unlock an original chiptunes album from Dr. Sakamoto titled Insert.

Including the entire Geneforge series and bonus game, that comes to a total of eleven games for the price of your choosing! Just don't let these super incredible deals pile up. If I learned anything from the App Store or Steam Sales, it's that it's really easy to lose track of how much you're spending on huge bargains these days.

Check them out, especially Oniken. It reeks of NES awesomeness.

[via Destructoid]