When we last checked in with Gunpoint developer Tom Francis and his latest venture into the indie world, Heat Signature, the game was just concept in the works with simple placeholder graphics to get the mechanics working right. Now, Francis has revealed that he has found an artist to make his game look like an actual game!

In fact, he has turned to a familiar partner by hiring Gunpoint’s artist, John Roberts, to get the job done. I mean, why break up a winning formula? You’ll find no complaints here considering that Gunpoint was a great simplistic game with a really cool sense of style, and Roberts’ work with Heat Signature doesn’t stray too far from that train of thought. Nice, simplistic graphics for a nice, simplistic game. Cut and dry!

No new trailer yet, but Francis has provided a few screenshots with the hints of a new trailer next week. Be sure to check out the older trailers in our previous coverage to see what a slick little game he has on his hands here. For as fun as Gunpoint was, Heat Signature’s randomization and free-roaming gameplay is a bit more my style.