If there's one indie game that's been dodging in and out of the spotlight for years on end, it's Fez. This project has gone through announcements, trailers, release dates and delays like nobody's business.

Finally, the date is official.

Fez, according to the folks at Polytron Corporation, will be launching for the Xbox LIVE Arcade on April 13th, 2012 for the price of $10 (800 Microsoft Points). April 13th is in fact a Friday, and, yes, that is a unique launch day for an XBLA product. Those games typically release in the middle of the week, not the end.

If you head to Polytron's official site by way of the source link at the foot of this post, you can see the horrifically obnoxious incredible GIF they used to announce the game's launch date.

This title has been picking up all sorts of awards from different shows and committees since 2008. Fez is a game that a lot of gamers are looking forward to; so, we ask, does anyone in the herd count themselves among that crowd? Or, is there something about Phil Fish and his work that rubs you the wrong way?

[via Polytron Corporation]