The Xbox LIVE Arcade was set to get just a little more indie this fall as Fez was once slated to release before this holiday season expired. Developer Polytron originally tried to release the game in 2010, but the product has been pushed back several times since development started.

Now, Fez has once again been delayed out of 2011. While revealing the trailer you see above, Phil Fish, the game's Lead Designer and Artist, Tweeted that Polytron's project would not see its release on XBLA until 2012. He did so casually, as an aside Tweet after the trailer with this: "(and fez is delayed to early 2012)."

Though Fish did indicate that the game would only be launching a few months after recently intended, fans of quirky, beautiful, unique indie gaming everywhere let out a collective sigh.

The trailer above doesn't do much to reveal this product's gameplay, so we dug up a video showing off a bit of what Fez looks to offer when it actually drops in early 2012. It's an odd 2D platformer that operates in a 3D space in order to bridge gaps and remove obstacles by way of visual illusion. If you're familiar with the property, think about how Sony's Echochrome is played, and you have a good idea concerning the properties and laws of Fez.

As more on Fez comes between now and its eventual release on the Xbox 360's digital platform, we'll be sure to have it. For now, what do you think of the game and the media for it above?

[via Twitter]