Need to fix that ridiculously specific urge for Czech point-and-click adventures, but don't have access to you PC? Machinarium is the game for you, and luckily, it will be making an appearance on the PlayStation Vita very soon. Earlier this weekend, the ESRB placed the game on their ratings website, all but confirming the inevitable release.

Machinarium left a huge impression on the re-surging point-and-click adventure genre when originally released for the PC in 2009. Amanita Design's brilliantly realized world and gorgeous hand-drawn graphics destroyed the idea that the extinct genre couldn't be revived or expanded upon. It's a charming story about a robot diving into the depths of a steam-punk civilization to rescue his girlfriend resonated with a lot of gamers, and it was changed into a successful sleeper hit thanks to word of mouth.

Ever since, heaps of old fashioned adventure titles have been popping up on a regular basis. Relatively easy to make with a smaller team and easy to distribute via the expanding world of digital distribution, independent teams use them as a great gateway project to get noticed.

Sony has yet to comment on the release of Machinarium for the PlayStation Vita, but it has said it will do so once more information becomes available. The game is already available through a handful of other platforms including PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The Vita release is exciting, but why wait? It typically goes for cheap during any Steam Sale Event.

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