After Harrison Ford hangs up his trademark whip and fedora, Disney and Lucasfilm should seriously consider turning Indiana Jones into a cartoon. Just watch the video above and tell me the franchise isn’t a perfect fit for an extended run on TV. Oh, how I would watch the crap out of it.

Over the past five years, Patrick Schoenmaker has dedicated his life to creating what would be the opening sequence for the show. Schoenmaker’s work has certainly paid off, because the video is spectacularly done, perfectly capturing the spirit and timelessness of Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones is one of Hollywood’s most iconic characters, and although Harrison Ford is set to play the role for a fifth time in a movie directed by Steven Spielberg, he’s going to retire at some point. Instead of handing the baton over to someone new, an animated series could be the perfect way to transition the franchise into new territory.

I’m in. If this were a thing today I’d watch it. Hopefully, Disney doesn’t see this video and ask for it to be taken down; it really needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

The only thing I hate about it is that it isn’t longer.