While the next Indiana Jones is still several years away, Disney pretty much knows how the upcoming movie will play out—and some details earlier this week. Speaking to Variety, producer Frank Marshall revealed Indiana Jones 5 will be a continuation of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the maligned installment that came out in 2008.

Marshall didn’t provide many details beyond that, so it’s not clear what he means by continuation. Will the same characters who appeared in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be in the upcoming movie? Will the stories be linked? In the original trilogy, the three movies weren’t explicitly related. However, the fourth movie did have some callbacks to what happened during Indiana’s earlier adventures.

One would assume Disney will use Indiana Jones 5 as a kind of passing of the torch seeing as Ford will be 77 years old by the time the movie hits theaters, but apparently that’s not the case.

“It’s all about the story,” Marshall explained. “I think both in the Jason Bourne series and on Indiana Jones, we are not going to do the Bond thing.” That means Disney has no plans to replace the aging actor with someone new. “We think those characters are iconic, and those are the only actors who can play that.”

Disney surprised a lot of people when Ford was announced as the lead in Indiana Jones 5, and judging by Marshall’s comments, it doesn’t sound like the studio has intentions of ever replacing the legendary actor.