While the Incredibles are a “super family,” they’re still a family, which is a good way to sum of the first trailer for The Incredibles 2. Mr. Incredible is doing his best to take care of his polymorphing son, help his other son with dreaded math homework—all while trying to stay awake.

The trailer is incredibly light on story detail, and it seems like most of what we see is early-movie setup. A lot of what we’re seeing is stuff we could’ve guessed would happen, a sort of nice payoff for fans of the original, while leaving the new stuff mostly up in the air. While Mr. Incredible is at home, Elastigirl is out saving the world and becoming a sort of public figure for the return of superheroes.

The Incredibles first hit theaters way back in 2004. Before Iron Man, Deadpool, or Wonder Woman movies were even a glimmer in our collective movie-going eyes. Now, almost 14 years later, the sequel is nearly here. While we’ve been through a lot since then, the Incredible family is picking things up right where it left off. The family is still adjusting to little Jack-Jack and dealing with the fallout of their still-recent adventure.

That setup leaves a lot up in the air to discover when the movie hits theaters on June 15.