An impressive new breakthrough at the University of Tokyo could put a working display right on the back of your hand. A group of researchers recently revealed a way to show information using LED lights that sit right on your skin.

The design is so thin it almost looks like a digital tattoo, though the effect is ruined by transparent film used to hold the LEDs in place. Still, it’s pretty impressive that the display can stick to your skin for days at a time. It’s also flexible and durable, so it won’t break if you’re active.

The version in the video above can show the wearer’s blood oxygen concentration levels. In the future, the same technology could be used to show other fitness data for athletes or even directions for workers. One day it may even be capable of showing full notifications, making it possible to replace your smartwatch with what could amount to a high-tech temporary or even permanent tattoo.

Sound pretty awesome, there’s no telling when (or if) this technology will make it to market. In the meantime, take a closer look in the gallery below.