Back in May, Skype announced that it was working on a new product called Skype Translator, which seems like it will offer Star Trek-style real-time translation of audio. The service officially goes live today in preview form, and it sounds pretty amazing. "Skype is now removing another barrier to make it possible for people to communicate irrespective of what language they speak," Microsoft teased Monday.

Skype users who sign-in using Skype on a new sign-up page will be able to test the service on Windows 8.1 products, and it will work with Spanish and English audio – which means you should have a direct translation to English when speaking to a Spanish user on the other end, in addition to text translations for more than 40 languages over Skype instant message. Skype says it already tested the service between a school in the U.S. and another in Mexico City, allowing students to chat and speak in real-time with Skype Translator.

Skype said that the service will learn as it progresses and that it should get smarter the more its employed by users. It hopes to add more audio language support as quickly as possible and wants to offer the service on as many platforms as it can. You can sign up for the preview by hitting the source below.