We’ve seen trailers, TV spots and a few loose images, and now we can feast our eyes on a handful of new high resolution stills from Batman v Superman, via Empire. They sure are something—all muted colors, serious and very grainy, like DC’s world is being viewed through a lens caked in grime. Leave it to Suicide Squad, a movie about a team of very bad people, to provide color (and much-needed humor).

My favorite among these images is the one of Batman in full armor, giving Superman what looks like a stern talking to.

“Now, son, you can’t go around killing alien generals,” is what I imagine Batman saying.

The images don’t give us any new information, save for that shot of Batman looking across an apocalyptic landscape. We do get a nice picture of ol’ Alfred working on one of Batman’s helmets, but that’s about the most interesting shot in Empire’s spread.

Batman v Superman still doesn’t hit theaters until March 25, which means the images and TV spots we’ve been seeing a lot of over the past few weeks are only the beginning.