If you’ve ever dropped an iPhone from your pocket, chances are you’ve noticed a scuff or even a completely damaged display. What about a drop from more than 100,000 feet? In an effort to show off its new iPhone 6 case, Urban Armor Gear recently dropped an iPhone from space, and it filmed the whole event.

In a quick 2 minute video, you’ll see the iPhone 6 fall from space in a UAS Composite Case after it takes off from a weather balloon on the ground. The video shows it passing through various elevations, it hits -16 degrees Fahrenheit. up around 43,000 feet, and eventually gets up to about 101,000 feet where the outside temperature is -54 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s when it’s dropped and begins its nauseating descent back to earth where it lands on the ground. As CNET notes, there is a parachute involved, and you can see the landing is rather soft, but it did survive after it was powered on again. According to CNET, the phone hit temperatures as low as -79 degrees Fahrenheit where the cold drained its battery; it also survived spins up to 150rpm and 70mph winds.

It’s a pretty awesome test, even with the parachute, and it looks like the UAS Composite Case will at least prevent those drops from your waist. Check out the video above for some quick Friday entertainment.