Earlier this week, a video showing an impressive jet-powered hoverboard zooming back and forth above a lake took the internet by storm. We wanted to believe it was real, but couldn’t be sure. Now the hoverboard’s creator has actually confirmed that his invention really works and spilled some of the details in an interview with The Verge.

The Flyboard Air was developed by Franky Zapata, the daredevil entrepreneur behind the popular water-powered Flyboard. In the interview, he reveals that this new hoverboard is powered by jet fuel, which is contained in a backpack strapped to the rider. The board also packs four 250-horsepower turbo engines to keep you flying, with two more on the sides to stay stable.

Zapata and his team actually developed a special algorithm for stabilization. Each engine can be manipulated individually to change the angle and thrust. It can even fly on just three engines, making it possible to land safely if one engine fails mid-flight.

He also admits to crashing once already. Thankfully, it was above the water, and the only real damage was to the hoverboard’s electronics. Zapata also said he’s almost ready to try flying above solid ground.

Of course, the big question is when he plans to bring the Flyboard Air to market. For now, Zapata doesn’t seem to have a concrete plan. However, he does note that you’ll need at least 50 to 100 hours of experience with the original Flyboard in the water before even thinking about trying the air-based version, so start practicing now if you want to try this hoverboard for yourself in the future.