Can we just take a minute to appreciate how incredible the images are that NASA continues to beam back from space? In addition to New Horizons’ pictures of Pluto, astronaut Scott Kelly has snapped some breathtaking shots from the ISS, giving us a beautiful and unique perspective of Earth. But they pale in comparison to the images that were uploaded to Flickr last week. I hope you have some time, because there are a lot of amazing pictures to look through.

Every photo ever taken during a manned Apollo mission has been uploaded to Yahoo’s photo-sharing site—some 8,400 or so—peeling back the curtain of what it’s like to be in space. It’s such a cool experience to see what these astronauts saw on their journeys to the moon and back. You’ll see what it’s like to stand on the moon and look back toward Earth, sit in the cockpit of a spacecraft, and float hundreds of miles above our planet’s surface.

These images are raw and unprocessed, so they’re essentially straight from the dark room to your eyeballs. If you’re at all interested in space exploration and the history of the Apollo missions, peruse through the gallery. There are lots and lots of images—some of which we’ve included above—but it’s worth it to see the journey these astronauts went through.