Google’s “Inbox by Gmail” client, which first launched on Android smartphones and has slowly made its way to the iPhone, is now available for iPad and Android tablet users. There’s a small catch, however: you still need to be invited to test it out, though most folks who requested an invite when the first version started rolling out should have received one by now. If not, e-mail [email protected] to get started.

The iPad and Android tablet versions of Inbox by Gmail are, as one would expect, better suited for larger screens. The main focus is still on either pinning only your most important e-mails for saving later, or for emptying your inbox entirely. We’re particularly fond of the pinned e-mails feature, which shows important information like upcoming flights, shipment notifications and more. In general, however, we’ve gravitated over to Microsoft’s Outlook mobile client, which is one of our favorites right now.

Hit the source below to download Inbox by Gmail version 1.2, with support for the iPad and Android tablets now.