If you still haven’t gotten around to trying out Google’s Inbox email app now’s your chance. The company is officially ditching its invite system so anyone can try it by simply downloading the app.

Additionally, Google is rolling out a bunch of new features and improvements based on the response it received from the app’s early testers. There’s a lot here, though the most exciting change may be the “Undo Send” option that lets you take back an email right after you hit that send button. This could be particularly useful if you spot a typo or accidentally sent your message to the wrong person.

You can switch the default swipe action from Archive to Delete for cleaning out your Inbox, and add a custom signature in the app. Google is also rolling out a new feature called Trip Bundles, which groups all the messages and details about an upcoming trip into one info card.

Finally, the company is introducing a few new timesaving features. For example, any reminders you add to Google’s Keep app will show up in Inbox automatically. Inbox will also suggest creating a reminder if someone sends you a message asking you to do something. You can even jump straight from your email to some apps, including Eat24 and HotelTonight.

Inbox is already pretty awesome, and with all these new features it’s a strong contender for best email app on the market. Grab it now by clicking the Google Play or App Store link below.