If, like me, you spend many an hour in front of one sort of screen or another then you’ll no doubt want to be as comfortable as possible while you’re there. Thankfully there are numerous and varied solutions on offer to match most budgets. Let’s look at a few that have caught my eye.


As CES Twenty Ten came around I was reminded of a gaming chair from Novelquest that first stunned attendees at last year’s trade show. The Emperor 200’s scorpion-like tail hung over the seated gamer and offered three 19 inch synchronized displays at its tip. A touchscreen control center was mounted to the left to take care of inclination, rotation and positioning and a mouse stand sat to the right. 5.1 surround sound, including a subwoofer under the seat, promised a breathtaking audio experience and a host of essentials (such as cable TV hook-up, webcam, eSATA port and iPod dock) could well see the lucky owner only ever leaving its comfort for toilet breaks. Not just for gaming PCs or laptops, the deskbound workaholic could also benefit – take a look at the vid.

More CES Seating Magnificence


Offering a similar three screen setup is the Gravitonus workstation first shown at the Intel booth at the same CES event as the Emperor. It offers quite similar ozonespecs to Novelquest’s beast too but is tubular in construction and offers a system that “constantly changes position of the user to maintain comfort in relation to the Earth Gravitational Field vector”. Both of these monsters are likely outside the price range of most users so perhaps something much less expensive next – the Ozone Inflatable Speaker Chair. So it doesn’t have a multitude of LCD screens, gaming peripherals and such like but it features built in stereo speakers to play digital music through. And did I mention it’s inflatable?

biomorphNot very high tech though is it, so what about a Biomorph Interactive Desk? Coming in a few different flavors, all aim to make your desktop experience a comfortable one. Most desks are configured to put everything you need within easy reach and offer lots of room to suit most working requirements. The keyboard area is height adjustable and some models feature a seated to standing operation too.

wi-fxBack to gaming now with some wireless connection and stereo surround sound offered by the Boomchair Wi-Fx gaming rocker. Featuring a pair of three inch, two-way speakers and a four inch subwoofer, interactive sound responsive LEDs, adjustable headrest and easily connecting to any gaming, video or music system this chair offers a fun and reasonably priced solution to escapist comfort.

Racing Ahead of the Rest

dboxFor those who would rather just be seated on those dangerous curves, driving chairs are a must and D-Box produces some stunners, including the GP Pro-200 RC which gives the driver a racecar-style seat, high performance motion actuators, steering wheel and pedals and a three-point seatbelt for added realism.

mayaAnd finally, if you crave both comfort and style while watching TV or tap, tapping on your computer keyboard then look no further than the Maya from Studio AV. Available as a solitary one-seater or cozy couple couch, the Maya puts the action right in front of you courtesy of a stylish overhead arm from which a monitor or TV is suspended. By no means cheap, but visually stunning.

Do you use a custom gaming rig or special ergonomic workstation set up? If so, is it your own creation or store bought?