Yes, seriously. You can use the totally fake, in-game credits that you earn in NieR: Automata to buy the game’s trophies. You can earn the trophies the ol’ fashioned way, too, but now you have another option.

It won’t come too easy, though. In order to gain access to the trophy purchasing feature, you’ll need to clear NieR three times.

This screenshot was posted on the PS4 subreddit by youkatei. It’s the Japanese version of the game showcasing the trophy purchasing space.

I’m okay with this

There are two things that make this totally okay in my mind. First, you can only get to this screen if you beat the game three times. At that point, friendo, go nuts buying those trophies. It’s okay.

Second, the trophies can’t be purchased with cash. You have to earn your in-game money before you go can go scooping up in-game trophies.

This is fine, I’m okay. We’re all okay. NieR: Automata is set to release on March 7, 2017, on the PlayStation 4. The PC platform will see it on March 17.