Apple Siri iPhone 4SSiri may be more than a novelty when iOS 6 is released. At least that’s what is being promised by Apple. The Cupertino company announced a new and much improved voice technology at WWDC on Monday, one that can provide stuff like sports scores, where to eat and even the ability to post to your favorite social networks. Siri finally sounds like a bonafide assistant.

Are you a fan of baseball, basketball, football, soccer or hockey? You can keep track of all your favorite teams and players through Siri. Want to know A-Rod’s batting average? Ask Siri. How about the score of the LA Kings game? She’ll tell you. You can even ask when the New York Giants play next and Siri will show you the team’s schedule. She’ll even keep track of how well your favorite team is doing, so you’ll always know. If you’re a Bobcats fan, you may want to encourage Siri not to keep track of the team’s record.

Have a date next weekend? You can practically plan your whole day — what movie to see, what restaurant to eat at — all through Siri. If there’s a movie theater nearby, simply ask Siri what movies are playing. If you’re unsure if Prometheus will be any good, the voice assistant will also show you all you need to know with Rotten Tomatoes integration.

And speaking of integration, iOS 6 will introduce your very own “personal restaurant concierge,” Apple claims. Through Yelp and OpenTable, you can ask Siri to make a reservation at a restaurant by cuisine, price, location and a combination of other choices.

At long last, Siri can launch apps. That’s pretty huge news for Apple fans because it seemed like for a while a very basic feature to implement. Tell Siri to launch Angry Birds, and she’ll do so. Ask her to launch Facebook, and she can do that, too. She can even update your Facebook status or post a comment on someone’s wall. In addition, you can even tweet before your brilliant 140 character thought disappears.

Finally, Apple said it’s working with car manufacturers to create something called Eyes Free. Basically, Siri will be integrated into select voice control systems through a voice command button on your steering wheel. Eyes Free — it’s called Eyes Free because your iOS device’s screen won’t light up, minimizing distractions — will let you quickly call people, select and play music, listen to and compose texts and take advantage of Apple’s brand new Maps application.

Siri will be a lot more mature when iOS 6 is released, finally living up to the potential we knew Apple’s voice assistant had all along. She’s promising to make our lives more convenient and less tedious by doing the brunt work of searching for scores, making reservations and updating our social network status. Whether she performs her newfound skills well in real world settings remains to be seen. We’re definitely excited.