Here's yet another cautionary tell for parents who let their kids play with mobile devices. One young man in the U.K. managed to rack up $2,500 in in-app purchases through one free game—in ten minutes. In the time it takes to shower, or run a mile, or read a magazine article, the kid blew a single paycheck while playing Zombies vs. Ninjas.

You can't blame the kid, either. The parents actually handed over their iTunes password so he could download a game on the iPad. Fatal, fatal mistake. Following lawsuits, Apple implemented extra steps to go through in-app purchases, so if the kid didn't know his parent's password in the first place, this would never have happened.

The five-year-old said he's currently banned from using the iPad, which is harsh but not unexpected. He'll have to pull a lot of lawn mower jobs to make up for this one. Apple, for its part, actually refunded the money after hearing the parents' side of the story.