Square Enix is currently reviving the long dormant SaGa series with not one but two new entries. The one most fans are excited for, the tentatively titled SaGa 2015, will be released for the PS Vita in Japan sometime in the near future. We're going to need a whole lot of prayers to get Square Enix to localize it as well.

The other is Imperial SaGa, a browser based game set up to look like the Super Famicom Romancing SaGa games. The new trailer shows off a battle system that looks very reminiscent of the franchise's 16-bit days, the three games we never got in North America. These games relied heavily on character positioning in battle, and iconic little lightbulb that appeared over a heroes head whenever they randomly learn a new skill.

It looks like good, old fashioned fun, and the monster animation is really neat. Romancing SaGa has never quite had the same grandiose, classic persona of the Final Fantasy franchise series, and its creators have always aimed for it to be a little seedy and offbeat compared to its peers. That's why is such a polarizing franchise, and that's probably why Square Enix went with the polarizing decision to make it a browser game.

Oh SaGa. Always gotta be different, huh?

Imperial SaGa is due for release in Japan in early summer.