Is it really happening? Longtime Square Enix RPG director Akitoshi Kawazu has been hinting at a new game in his offbeat RPG series, SaGa, for quite some time now, promising that it will be geared towards fans from the series’ heyday back on the Super Famicom and PlayStation. The only issue is that whenever he gives himself a deadline to confirm the game, he misses it and takes to Twitter to apologize.

Now it seems like the Japanese Patent Office has gone and done his job for him. Square Enix filed a trademark for Imperial SaGa on July 8, and it was just made public today. I wonder if we’ll be hearing for Kawazu in the coming days.

Before I get too excited, there are still way too many hurdles that this potential SaGa has to overcome. First of all, this trademark has to be real. I’m not believing anything until I see something official from Square Enix.

Secondly, it can’t be some throwaway free-to-play RPG destined for mobile phones, leeching on the series’ brand name for popularity’s sake. Kawazu has been outspoken about making a game for the fans on the series’ 25th anniversary, and I can’t think of a bigger slap in the face than Square Enix forcing him to make a mobile RPG. Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, HD consoles, or bust!

Lastly, if these two circumstances prove to be in our favor, we have the final huge hurdle of Square Enix even bothering to localize it. Square Enix’s President said he was shifting the company’s focus back to RPGs after it horribly overlooked the potential popularity of Bravely Default, so this might be a decent place to start. At the same time, Square Enix has nothing for us on the progress of Dragon Quest VII’s 3DS translation and it also has Bravely Second it might show favor to.

Man, I sure miss the late 90s PlayStation days when Squaresoft slapped a decent translation on everything it could and just hoped for the best.

Until all three of these deal-breakers align, I’m not getting excited for anything. At the same time, my blood is boiling to burn through a campaign or two of SaGa Frontier with this news. How about a PlayStation Network release, Square Enix? I’ll never get sick of Yoshitaka Amano’s gorgeous art for this series. I suppose his involvement would be a minor fourth requirement.