Confession time: I’m obsessed with Imgur. I don’t actually submit my own images or duke it out in the comments section, but I can’t go more than a day without booting up the site on my phone and swiping through the latest memes. For the past year, iPhone owners (myself included) have been forced to load the site in a web browser instead of an official app, but today that finally changes.

Imgur finally re-launched its official iPhone app on Thursday, though it actually works with any device running iOS 7 and up. The company previously tried the same thing in 2013, but quickly scrapped what felt like a pretty incomplete app. The new Imgur for iPhone promises a totally native experience smoother than anything we’ve seen before on any platform.

The new app turns each image into a card, making it extremely easy to swipe through an entire stream of new posts. If something catches your attention just swipe up or tap on it to show the comments and add your own opinion. You can also quickly jump between “Popular” and “New” posts, or switch between a crowd-curated “Most Viral” selection or the “User Sub” free-for-all that Imgur describes as a digital diamond mine.

After playing with the new app for a few moments I came away impressed. The entire experience is about as seamless as you could imagine, with no annoying load times and a simple, intuitive design. You can download Imgur for iPhone free via the source link below. The company says it’s also working on porting the new app to Google Play “very soon” to replace the current, less advanced Android version.