Apple’s iOS 10 beta allows developers to take advantage of home-built animated sticker packs.

Four different animated emoji packs are available through iTunes Preview, including “Classic Mac,” “Hearts,” “Hands” and “Smileys.” Each packs what you might assume they do: the Smileys pack features familiar animated emoji from the Apple Watch, “Hands” shows a variety of figures created with a hand (the peace sign, thumbs up, fingers-crossed, etc.) while Hearts shows a number of hearts, again familiar to Apple Watch users, and “Classic Mac” has old animated icons from Apple’s aged operating system.

“Users can “peel” and place stickers around chat bubbles, on images or even double up on other stickers,” AppleInsider explained, noting that the stickers can be found inside the Messages drawer once installed.

Most of us will need to wait until the final release of iOS 10 in September to try the new features, though antsy users can opt to download iOS 10 beta 2 software or check out the public preview when it’s available later this summer.