N90A - iPhone in Brazil

Late last week there were rumors that a new iPhone 4 had shown up in Apple inventory that was labeled as “N90A.” This new version of the current phone was rumored to be a cheaper version of the device that would only have 8GB of memory.  Not much was known beyond that, but since it was in official Apple databases, it seemed a pretty sure thing that it did indeed exist.

Gizmodo Brazil has now come up with some images that appear to be the phone being assembled in the Foxconn plant in South America.  Overall the images aren’t that telling until you get to the quality control sheet because the parts look exactly like the iPhone 4.

N90A - iPhone in Brazil

As you can see in the top left, under model, it is listed as being a “N90A.” This particular set of parts were disqualified due to “lenses stained,” whatever exactly that means, according to Gizmodo’s translation.

There is every chance that some Foxconn worker decided to have a laugh and just write “N90A” on the sheet, take the picture and then toss it in the trash.  However, that seems like a lot of work and potential risk to your job just to have 10 seconds of a chuckle.  For now, just consider it some further corroboration to the previous report and see what we learn on Tuesday.

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