According to a new report, an iMac refresh is due any time now.

Fox News' Clayton Morris this morning reported that iMac supplies are beginning to dwindle at sites such as Amazon, and MacRumors has also recently reported that Apple Store stock also seems to be on the decline. Declining stock levels is usually a pretty good indication that Apple is about to refresh its Mac product lines, but it doesn't always give us a definite window as to when to expect them.

It has currently been 358 days since the last iMac refresh, and the average is 399 days, so the window is definitely right for Apple's most popular desktop to get some new goodies. Right now the suspicion is that it will involve a bump up to USB 3.0 and the inclusion of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors along with some new options for SSD.

With new iMacs on the horizon, it would be easy to say that since Apple is having a media event next week that it would trot them out on stage as well. It seems highly unlikely, hoever, that the company would put these in with the iPhone 5. There is every chance there may not be a media event connected to the update, or they could possibly due it in Oct. if the rumors of another media event then plays out. Sometime before the holiday shopping season, though, does seem like a definite possibility.

[via Fox News]