Folks who purchased Apple’s $5,000 all-in-one desktop are putting the machine’s accessories on eBay, and people are seemingly paying outrageous money to get them. Which begs the question: How much would you pay for a keyboard in Space Gray?

At $5,000, Apple’s iMac Pro features high-end components, including a sleek keyboard, trackpad, and mouse in Apple’s patented Space Gray. Apple doesn’t sell these accessories in its stores or online, which means you either purchase the iMac Pro or go the eBay route, which many people appear to be doing.

As pointed out by Gizmodo, a recent winning bid for the iMac Pro’s accessories (keyboard, trackpad, and mouse) went for $1,525, and similar listings show that people are willing to pay lofty sums in order to acquire something as simple as a keyboard. You can buy a laptop or iPhone X for that price.

Remember, these accessories don’t feature any new technology or functionality; they’re simply Space Gray.

But the scarcity and exclusivity of these items is inflating their prices, which typically hover around $100, give or take. Apple has intimated the accessories will remain exclusive to the iMac Pro, which means this phenomenon will continue to occur as more people scoop up the desktop computer.

Of course, you could always save yourself a ton of money by purchasing Apple’s accessories in white, but how cool is the keyboard in Space Gray? Is it $750 cool?