The likelihood of a refresh for the iMac and Mac mini lines at next week's Apple event is looking more and more likely, and it appears that the upgrades won't be changing the prices much, if at all.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, the refreshes of the Mac mini and iMac lines will offer pricing that is similar to the current models, and potentially even cheaper on the higher-end configurations. The Mac minis are said to still come in at $599, $799 and $999, exactly inline with the current, but aging, generation.

On the iMac side of things, the numerous rumors that the all-in-one desktop would ve receiving a retina display seem a bit more unlikely now as the pricing appears to be staying the same to the current generation.

This pricing may be a good thing because 9to5Mac is also reporting you may have the ability to drop a lot more money on RAM very soon. Apparently to a second report, Apple will begin offering 8GB RAM modules which will allow the Mac mini to now have a maximum of 16GB of RAM, and the iMac to be configured up to 32GB. Both of these numbers were possible previously, but only by using third-party components.

No indication is given in either report of where 9to5Mac obtained its information, but the site has an excellent tack record when it comes to information such as this.

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