There are at least a million and one tablet docks out there these days. iLuv caught my eye this afternoon with these two speaker docks, one that turns your iPad or Galaxy Tab into a desktop computer or sorts, and another that lets you take your tunes with you school lunchbox style.

Portable Stereo Speaker Case When I was in elementary school I can remember begging my mom to buy me this plastic lunch box that had an AM/FM radio built in. I eventually won, the lunchbox was purchased, and I became the coolest kid on the playground come lunchtime.

The portable speaker cases for the iPad, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Tab update that experience to adulthood and tablets with a case with a built-in speaker. The case is pretty bulky (and needs 4 AA batteries to operate), but let’s face it- that’s a small price you pay for playground popularity, comes in four different colors, and has a built-in speaker you control from the outside of the case.

ArtStation Pro On a basic level the ArtStation pro is a speaker dock for your iPad that gives you “cinema-quality sound” while holding your iPad above it. The setup allows you to watch movies with an awesome soundtrack, but iLuv had the dock set up with a bluetooth keyboard on the show floor, turning it into a desktop computer of sorts -pretty awesome. Tablets can be held horizontally or vertically (or even at a random angle), and the dock charges your device while connected.The ArtStation will be available in white and black in July for $169.

I thought both of these were pretty interesting. What do you think? Do any of you have a favorite dock for your tablet?

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