The energy-efficient ilumi A19 LED smartbulb has a lifespan of 20 years, with intelligent lighting modes controlled from your smartphone. TechnoBuffalo Deals now has this slice of smarthome tech for $44.99 with free shipping.

The ilumi fits any regular Edison-type light socket; but that is where the comparisons with current bulbs end. The smartbulb uses an array of LEDs to provide light, meaning that it is five times more efficient than a regular bulb, and able to produce a million different colors (literally). With the free ilumi app installed, you can control the bulb via Bluetooth from up to 150 feet away. Along with a full color spectrum, you get an on-screen dimmer switch, and the option to create “scenes” — these are programmed behaviors, such as slowly turning up the lights in the morning, or pulsing to the beat at a party. You don’t even need to be present for the bulbs to go through their routine, so you can make it look as if someone is home for security purposes. The ilumi bulbs also have motion sensors, meaning they will turn on as you enter a room, and switch off as you leave.

Order the ilumi A19 now to save 25% on the MSRP, with free shipping to the Continental US.