OK, there's really no graceful way around the virtual sea of bad jokes and awful puns that could accompany this offer. But we're going to take the high road here because it's actually a pretty neat product…and puns are dumb. Really, really dumb…

So…check out the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light, a surprisingly practical and surprisingly cool way of not only sprucing up your bathroom, but casting a decidedly otherworldly vibe on one of our most mundane human tasks. Right now, it's just $16.99 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

The principle of IllumiBowl is pretty simple: stop stumbling around in the dark at night in a pitch-black bathroom. With the IllumiBowl unit snapped snuggly on your toilet rim, motion sensors will automatically kick on when someone enters the room, activating trippy LED lights that turn your run-of-the-mill toilet bowl into a glowing, pulsating portal to your community's sewage system. 

IllumiBowl is fully customizable, featuring eight different color and light pattern configurations. Your bowl can emit an eerie blue glow like you're living in Tron's Grid; or it can give off a warm amber vibe as if you'll see Gozer the Gozerian when you lift the lid.

It's compact, easily cleaned (a key point, all things considered), perfect for potty training children, and most importantly, you won't have to turn on all the lights at 2 a.m. to handle your business.

Plus, who doesn't want a glowing toilet? No one you'd want to know, for sure.  Pick one up – at a healthy 15% off – now.