As promised earlier this year, IKEA’s wireless charging furniture is now available for purchase. And not a moment too soon, because several of the top Android phones support the technology, whether built-in or through a separate case.

Sure, you might have been saddened to hear the Galaxy S6 doesn’t include a swappable battery, but those fears will fade in time, and it’ll certainly help when you can conveniently place your device down on a lamp to charge up. Is wireless charging the future? The combination of Samsung and IKEA is sure making a case for it.

It looks like a lot of the Sweden-based company’s stuff can be found in-store. I checked availability on a few items at an IKEA down the street in Orange County, California, and they were indeed in-stock. Items such as lamps, nightstands and more. There is also an array of back plates for devices such as the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and other devices. The wireless charging-equipped furniture can get a little pricey for larger items, but the extra cost will almost certainly be worth it.

It makes sense that a nightstand would come equipped with the technology; just plop your phone down on the wireless charging pad and you’re good to go. If you have a device with wireless charging capabilities, you might want to start outfitting your home now. I already have the RIGGAD work lamp on my radar.