IKEA confirmed recently that its furniture with built-in wireless chargers, a project that was announced earlier this year, will come to the United States in the spring. With phones such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Nexus 6 and more all shipping with built-in wireless charging, this is pretty compelling stuff.

IKEA’s various pieces of wireless charging furniture will come with their own USB outlets, which will allow you to also plug in devices without wireless charging built-in, and each charging pad has a + symbol to alert the user where to place his or her wireless device. The retailer will also sell a “JYSSEN” charger that you can build into your existing furniture.

Some items IKEA will sell include the SELJE and NORDLI nightstands, the VARV floor lamp, the RIGGAD work lamp and more. IKEA will also sell special wireless charging cases For phones without built-in wireless charging, such as iPhones and some Galaxy models.

Prices haven’t yet been revealed, but IKEA typically sells affordable furniture.