Announced back in April, the new Uppleva system from Ikea will give you a new pice of furniture with the television, Blu-ray player and sound system all integrated so you can have a more harmonious existence with your technology.  Retailing for around €1400 (approx. $1740 USD), the furniture will go on sale this fall, and while we still question the potential quality of the components, we have to say it's still fairly enticing.

It seems that this furniture is very much about making sure cables aren't visible, and even includes a cord control system so you can other devices such as lamps on it with the cables being hidden.  Although an Xbox 360 is shown in the video above, no indication is given as to how it will actually connect.  I'b very intrigued to find out.

As the streaming media/smart TV guy around TechnoBuffalo, the number of items connected to my television is daunting.  I'd love a way to hide the enormous amount of cables I have running everywhere, but until I can see the TV in person to judge its quality, it's going to have to remain sounding like just a nice idea.