It's not unusual to see IKEA shoppers in China casually catch some Z's in the retailer's pre-made rooms. Those couches are comfy, and those beds do look inviting, so can you blame them? It seems this phenomenon is slowly spreading, but in a different manner thanks to Airbnb.

Through a rather unique promotion, IKEA locations in Australia will rent out beds overnight—and it's free to participants. I suppose if you have plans to turn your apartment into one of these showrooms, there's no better way than to actually spend a night testing all the products before you buy them. Participants who win a chance to sleep in Ikea can even keep the sheets. Free sheets!

So if you've ever wanted to live in an Ikea catalog, and you're by Perth or Sydney in Australia, you can live out your dream. Rooms are advertised as offering "modern elegance," "rustic charm," and "inner city living."  The joys of disruptive services keep on giving. In addition to free sheets, participants will also be treated to a free IKEA breakfast. The promo is open to families and kids, not just bachelors in their mid-twenties.

Interested parties can book their showroom through Airbnb before the actual sleepover occurs on Sunday, Aug. 31. Hopefully your showroom neighbor doesn't snore too much.