IKEA store

Ikea, best known for its flat pack furniture, is jumping into the world of selling solar panels in its stores through out the United Kingdom.

For those of you that live near the Ikea store in Southampton, you can now walk into the store and pick up an 18 panel solar kit capable of generating 3.36 kilowatts. The initial outlay for the kit will set you back £5,700 (approx. $9,200 USD) which includes in-store consultations, design service. installation, maintenance and energy monitoring services.

The Swedish company estimates that your return per year will run around £770 ($1,243 USD), meaning after seven years you will have recouped your investment. The savings from a mixture of government incentives for moving to renewable energy, selling excess energy to the power companies and the general savings over electric costs.

Currently Ikea will be making decisions on which countries to bring the panels to on a case-by-cases basis, but it does plan to roll out sales to all 17 locations across the U.K. The panels were tested in the Lakeside store near London, and sales averaged one set per day.

Seeing as Ikea is aiming to be powered 100 percent by renewable energy by 2020, this seems like a logical move for the company, and one that could definitely help alleviate some of the energy issues the U.K. is facing in the coming years.