The expansive and corruptible reach of amiibo has just reached a new high? Amazon Mexico has finally begun shipping physical objects after sticking to just Kindle and e-Books for the past year, and what do you think was the very first product sold through the new retailer branch when it went live?

An Ike amiibo.

Yes, pouncing on amiibo the second they become available has become such a proficient art that even the launch of a major retailer in a foreign country is not invincible to its tactics. The retail price of amiibo is also lower in Mexico than what the figures go for in the States, but Amazon Mexico only ships domestically, meaning that these traders must have a contact or an agent within the country to ship it to.

That is assuming that a Mexican citizen didn’t snag it up first, but I’m not giving credence to that theory. amiibo snipers are like lions, waiting in the bush.

Has video game collecting really come to this? This is starting to sound like a James Bond movie.