Hotels in New York City are expensive, no doubt, but would you pay good money to stay in an igloo some dude made in his backyard? Probably not, but a Brooklyn man named Patrick Horton was hoping someone would be silly enough to cough up the cash. And there really was some interest, oddly enough.

Following recent winter storm Jonas, which dumped more than 2 feet in New York City, Horton thought he’d take advantage of the extra pow-pow to build a one-room igloo. He then listed it as a “Boutique Winter Igloo for 2” on Airbnb, charging would-be renters $200 a night. It was kind of a joke, except people actually offered to rent the spot – likely because of the popularity it garnered.

“We decided we were going to do this 2 months ago,” Horton explained to Brokelyn, which caught up with the man. “We were sitting and joking around that we should build an igloo, and then we decided we’d actually do it. We were just waiting for a snow day.”

Airbnb pulled the listing, likely because it’s not safe and not actually a good place to stay, but offered him a $50 gift certificate for his funny attempt.