iPad 2 face downSeeing that the typical March iPad launch time is just around the corner, rumors of Apple’s next iteration have really kicked into high gear as of late. We’ve heard everything from the inclusion to LTE, an A6 chip and a Retina-like display. But most rumors seem to come from questionable sources, so it’s hard to know what is what. That’s why the latest predictions, made by iFixit’s Kyle Wiens, are at least somewhat credible, however true they may turn out to be.

Speaking with PC World, Wiens made predictions that largely fall in line with what we’ve already heard:

  • It will virtually have the same form factor as the iPad 2
  • There will be a Retina display, or four times the pixels.
  • It may not come equipped with an A6 quad-core processor, but we should expect that “within two years.”
  • To stay competitive on price, Wiens said it maybe more of an incremental upgrade. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple calls it the iPad 2 HD.

Business Insider said Wiens was pretty accurate with his iPad 2 and iPhone 4S predictions, but that in no way means what he says about the iPad 3 is true. We’ve heard a lot of conflicting reports (as well as corroborative ones) about what Apple is set to unveil and, until we hear it straight from Apple, we won’t know with 100 percent certainty what the company has planned.

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