iFixit Retina Display

Last week, iFixit took apart the MacBook Pro with Retina Display and revealed that it's nearly impossible for anyone to fix on their own. Now, the company has torn down the actual Retina Display part of the MacBook. iFixit found that the display is actually just a hair thinner than the standard display and said it was "astounding that Apple's engineers managed to cram four times the pixels of the previous 15″ MacBook Pro into a display assembly that is (nearly) the same size." The entire display is lit using 48 LEDs that sit at the bottom of the screen and Apple used the aluminum back panel as the back support for the screen, something that iFixit says it hasn't seen before. The group also found that the whole screen will need to be replaced if anything in the entire display assembly breaks. The entire guide is worth a read, especially if you own a MacBook Pro with Retina Display and want to learn more about its internal workings.

[via iFixit]