This is totally jacked up. So of course, I've just got to share it with you…

Who doesn't love Woody and Buzz, the beloved characters from the popular Toy Story franchise? Even if you didn't appreciate the movies, you probably respected the original's place in film history and its geek cred: This was the flick that launched Pixar into prominence as a feature animation powerhouse. Steve Jobs was listed as executive producer on the first one, which also had a writing staff that boasted Joss Whedon (Avengers, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

But neither of these men could've foreseen where this animated duo's adventures would take them — to the streets of Liberty City.

Whoever modded this sweet, good-natured pair into Grand Theft Auto IV must be a seriously whacked-out individual. Installing mods is no easy feat, so someone was really dedicated to slapping the Disney off these characters. It's hard to tell what's crazier here — the utter devastation and cries of horror, or the creepy, mildly amused stupor awash on Woody's face as he reins his special brand of cowboy destruction down on the cops.

I know — it's the rampage's end, when…


…our anti-hero takes a suicidal swan dive off a skyscraper.

I'll say one thing about it — it's creative. It's also twisted, strangely funny and utterly hypnotic, in that "Oh my gosh, I'm going to need therapy after this" kind of way. If you choose to watch it, just make sure the children are out of the room. You don't want to scar the kiddies now, do you?

If you're itching for more, or want a tutorial on how to make your own GTA IV mod, PC Gamer has what you need here. At least it can help kill time until Grand Theft Auto V finally arrives.