Do you remember when you looked anywhere and you would see someone on a Motorola RAZR?  The company sold over 120 million units of that phone, making it the second most popular phone in 2005 and then … along came the iPhone. Motorola who?

Motorola was chugging along at a happy pace until the smartphone market just exploded in its face.  The RAZR was quickly passé, and we didn’t hear a motorola_razr_v3whole lot from the company until all of a sudden here came its new Droid phone that was running Google’s Android 2.0 operating system software.  Would it be a success?  Could it get Motorola back into the mobile phone market in any serious manner?

The answer appears to be a resounding “yes!”

According to a report by Flurry analytics, (and posted by MobileCrunch) Motorola’s Droid was responsible for 49 percent of all applications sold in the Android Marketplace on Christmas Day.


The graph easily demonstrates that the Droid absolutely dominated the other Android powered handsets that day, and it sure seems to indicate that Motorola is coming back on to the mobile scene in a big way.  The question is, can Motorola sustain this lead with some of the competition coming down the road?

With Google preparing the Nexus One for launch, will an Android phone made by anyone else even matter any more?  Yes, I think it will and can sustain a large portion of the market.  The users that have it in hand seem to be loving it thus far, and one big feather in its cap is the physical QWERTY keyboard.  Not everyone is sold on using a virtual keyboard quite yet, and some of us, myself included, like using a physical option instead.

No matter what happens, I think Motorola owes a lot to Android for bringing the company back to relevancy in this day and age of the cell phone market, it had to be tough to go from being one of the kings of the cell phone market to an, “Oh yeah, I remember them!” seemingly over night.

Good luck Motorola, you deserve a spot in the market.