No matter what operating system you favor, it's almost impossible not to be intrigued by the idea of an enormous, larger-than-life Android device. And thanks to a Japanese company called SKR Technology, it's an idea no longer, but a reality.

Behold: The company created a monster Android system featuring a working 32-inch capacitive display. That's right — this whopping feat of gadgetry is powered by Android 2.3 and supports multi-touch gestures. The OS runs off a separate terminal which connects to the screen via USB.

First developed for a client looking for digital signage, this prototype — with USB port, full HD res and an HDMI-out — will be commercially available in September.

So after you build the mother of all Android devices, what's next? Well, how about some siblings? The company plans to make 23- and 46-inch models, and hopes to sell about 100 of these monster gadgets per year.

To see this in action, hit up the video above.

[via MobileCrunch, source DiginfoNews]