Alcatel ONETOUCH said Wednesday that it will update its IDOL 3 smartphone with a patch to fix the “Stagefright” vulnerability soon. Stagefright, if you’re unfamiliar, was discovered recently and could potentially allow hackers to attack your smartphone through video files sent through MMS or Hangouts.

Researchers who pointed out the flaw suggested that fixes weren’t going to happen for a majority of Android devices, and they’re probably right given the amount of time it takes to build a fix, test a fix and then get it through carrier approval. Thankfully, for unlocked handsets like the IDOL 3 and the Nexus 6, the latter of which is also getting a patch, it’s a lot easier to do.

Alcatel ONETOUCH said the patch should hit “on or around August 10,” putting the minds of IDOL 3 owners at rest.”The update will initially be available to IDOL 3 customers in the U.S. and will include a Google security patch for the Stagefright vulnerability,” the company said, suggesting that a broader international rollout is also planned.