There will be a lot of familiar faces in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. We already know Dumbledore and Nagini are going to play major roles in the movie, but another key character from the Harry Potter movies is going to make an appearance.

Note: Possible spoilers are discussed in this post.

According to PopCulture, Minerva McGonagall is going to be in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel. In the original Harry Potter movies, McGonagall is portrayed by Maggie Smith and in the prequel, she will be brought to life by actress Fiona Glascott. Professor McGonagall’s appearance in the movie is expected to be quite minor.

However, her appearance is kind of confusing and may give away some elements of the movie. The first Fantastic Beasts movies takes place in 1926 and the sequel will pick up months after. But McGonagall wasn’t born until 1935 and doesn’t enroll at Hogwarts until 1947. Looking even deeper, actress Fiona Glascott is 35-years-old, which means the role she is playing is likely for an older version of McGonagall (at least in her 20s) who is possibly already teaching at Hogwarts.

So what’s going on? The likeliest scenario is that the character will be included in a post-credit scene that jumps years into the future, setting up the story for Fantastics Beasts 3 while introducing an older McGonagall who is well on her way to become the legendary witch she is in the Harry Potter movies.