It’s finally been confirmed. The millions of users on iCloud around the world are enjoying the benefits of Google Cloud without really not that the two are connected.

Back in 2016, there were various reports that Google picked up Apple’s cloud storage service as a client. Apple never acknowledged its switch from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud, however. The company just went along ignoring the fact that it agreed to do business with a longtime rival. But there were a number of signs that told us the two companies started doing business together.

Now it’s clear Apple is admitting Google Cloud is the backbone of iCloud.

Documentation for iOS 11’s security clearly states that Apple uses Google Cloud to keep its cloud storage service up and running. The file was uploaded recently for the month of January, and the company doesn’t make too much of a big deal about who it’s in business with.

Here’s the important excerpt from Apple’s site:

“Each file is broken into chunks and encrypted by iCloud using AES-128 and a key derived from each chunk’s contents that utilizes SHA-256. The keys and the file’s metadata are stored by Apple in the user’s iCloud account. The encrypted chunks of the file are stored, without any user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, such as S3 and Google Cloud Platform.”

It’s not actually surprising to know this. Aside from it being widely reported two years ago, Google’s been able to make a viable revenue stream from its cloud computing platform.

There’s still plenty of work to do for Google Cloud to grow. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure remain in the lead, but having Apple as a client certainly means the company is making inroads against the competition. And it does seem that Amazon Web Services is still part of iCloud as well.

Being on Google Cloud isn’t controversial for Apple. The news is that the company confirmed who it’s using for cloud computing after years of staying quiet. So go ahead and enjoy iCloud know now that Google helping keep your information safe.