Google was quick to respond to claims that the new Face Unlock feature in its latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system could be unlocked using a photo. The search giant promised that this was not the case, and that the company should be given more credit for its feature.

The video above, however, seems to prove that Google is wrong; Face Unlock on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can indeed be fooled with a photograph of the device's user.

The video was published to YouTube by and proves that the new Face Unlock feature in Ice Cream Sandwich can be compromised. It wasn't just a one-off either — the user in the video demonstrated the trick three times, unlocking the device successfully each time.

Face Unlock, a new feature that allows Android users to protect their devices by unlocking them with their face, was announced by Google during its Ice Cream Sandwich unveiling last month. Soon after its demonstration, one developer wrote on Twitter that "the face recognition unlock thing is really easily hackable. Show it a photo."

Google's Android Developer Advocate, Tim Bray, quickly responded to the message and promised users that wasn't the case.

Are you concerned that Face Unlock can be tricked with a photo?

[via The Next Web]