The going word was that both the Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX were scheduled to receive their respected Android 4.0 software updates on April 4th, with an HTC Rezound update following suit on April 6th. Now, 48 hours removed from the two RAZR’s targeted software release dates, Engadget has received what appears to be an internal communication to Best Buy employees re-confirming that the updates have been delayed for unknown reasons. As sad as this may be, an update can’t be too far off considering that it was originally scheduled to happen so soon. On a positive note, the very same communication also mentions that the HTC Rezound’s scheduled over-the-air Ice Cream Sandwich push is still on course for an April 6th launch. That’s today, so keep us updated if it hits your device, ok?

[via: Engadget]