A controversial blogger who is infamous for his inside knowledge has revealed that Google's latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system will be released for the Samsung Galaxy S II on March 1.

Samsung already confirmed back in December that its most popular Android smartphone would be graced with the latest Android update, but what it did not confirm was when exactly it would arrive. The best the company could give us was "the first quarter of 2012."

Now Eldar Murtazin claims in a message posted to Twitter that the Korean electronics behemoth would begin rolling out its Ice Cream Sandwich update to the device from next month, while its new Galaxy Note will get the release alongside other Samsung smartphones between March and May.

Though Murtazin also notes that those dates will depend on your carrier and your location:

"Android 4 aka ics for sgs2 will be officially available from march 1(depends from country/operator). Update over the air or using kies"

"Galaxy note and other samsung models will get update to ics from march to may. Depends from carrier/country"

We've contacted Samsung for a comment on the rumor, which will be treated only as a rumor until we get official confirmation.

Would you like to see Ice Cream Sandwich on your Galaxy S II on March 1?

[via The Next Web]