Android Ice Cream SandwichIce Cream Sandwich (ICS), the next version of Google’s popular Android operating system, is due to be formally announced late tomorrow evening U.S. time from a presentation being given in Hong Kong.  While most of what we know about ICS is based on rumor and speculation, there has been a lot to be said about what this tasty new desert treat may be bringing to the table.  Will we finally see the phone and tablet versions merged into one cohesive operating system?  New interfaces for those of you running unskinned versions?  A cleaned up music player?  The list of potential changes are pretty lengthy, and all of them sound pretty excited.

While we are definitely excited to see what Google has to offer with the official announcement, we’re curious to see how excited you are.  Take a moment to vote in our poll and then let us know your further thoughts in the comments below.